What is a MIDI Keyboard? Important Things to Know About the Device

Knowing the answer to the question “what is MIDI keyboard” is important if you are at all interested in music. If you know and understand what a MIDI keyboard is, and what it can do, you are well on your way to finding the best MIDI keyboard for your needs when you are searching to buy one.

Unfortunately, not all musicians and DJs are aware of the common uses of the keyboard and their lack of proper know-how prevents them from taking advantage of the features that the device offers. This article explains some of the most important aspects of the device.

MIDI keyboards are designed to create music

One of the most important things you should know the answer to the question “what is MIDI keyboard” is the fact that the device is designed to create music. All of existing types and models of the keyboard that are currently sold on the market come with different sets of keys that the user can use to create sounds and produce music, or an original composition.

Aside from the keys, all MIDI keyboards are fitted with assignable pads that are responsible for tweaking sounds and creating music the way you want it to sound. In addition, most of the MIDI keyboards nowadays have knobs, buttons and switches that further make the customization of sounds more convenient.

Finally, all of the MIDI keyboards sold on the market are now equipped with virtual instruments that allow it to produce sounds similar to what a band or an orchestra can produce. Thus, a musician or a DJ can readily make use of the sounds generated by these instruments to create, record and broadcast music.

MIDI keyboards come in different sizes

Another important thing that you should know about the MIDI keyboard is that it is currently offered in various sizes. Unlike in previous years where most of the keyboards sold were large in size, the use of modern technologies and advanced components has significantly reduced the dimensions of the device.

Due to the significant reduction in the sizes of the leading MIDI keyboard models, the device can now be conveniently taken with you to allow you to create, record and play your music, even when you are away from home. In addition, the portability of the keyboard has also made using it at concerts and outdoor performances easier.

MIDI keyboards work well with computers

Almost every model, if not all MIDI keyboards, are built to accommodate seamless integration with computers. This is because the device is usually equipped with a number of functions and features that can only be accessed upon connecting it to a computer.

In addition, the device usually makes use of software that further improves its performance to create, record and arrange the sound clips that will eventually be used to create a musical composition.

Due to the importance of the integration of MIDI keyboards with computers, a lot of models are designed to be compatible with the leading operating systems like Mac and Windows.

Not only that, many MIDI keyboard models come with plug-and-play features that enable them to automatically connect and function when paired to a computer without the need to download or install the appropriate software driver.

MIDI keyboards require a power source

You should know that this device requires a specific power source because the keyboard usually comes with keys, lights and pads that require electricity. Due to this, the device, in order to be used, must always be connected to a source of electricity.

At present, most of the MIDI keyboards on the market are either powered through a USB cable or by a separate chord which is plugged to an electrical outlet. A lot of buyers however, prefer the models that are powered via USB since these are more convenient to use and can be readily operated as soon as they are connected to a computer.

MIDI keyboards require the use of DAWs

Finally, if you are interested in getting a MIDI keyboard, you should bear in mind that the device requires the use of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) which are responsible for further expanding the keyboard’s functionalities. In most cases these DAWs come with additional features and functions that can better enhance the sounds produced.

In addition to that, the DAWs like Logic, Cubase and Ableton Live offer additional virtual instruments. Finally, these workstations are also regarded as the keyboard user’s laboratory because almost all of the sound adjustments and mixing are accomplished using them.