Samson Carbon 61 USB MIDI Controller Review

This handsome keyboard design combines style with suave technology. This Samson keyboard instrument has had good ratings and reviews from different customers. It is a Samson Carbon 61 key design which is the USB MIDI controller. With its easy features, it is possible for even novice users to learn the use of this instrument.

Professional music composers will be able to use the keyboard that offers advanced music creation tools and features. At the same time the product is a lightweight and portable device which can be used easily in studios as well as for on stage performances.


  • The keyboard includes 61 keys that are semi weighted and velocity sensitive.
  • There are a volume slider and assignable data encoder.
  • USB connections available.
  • Sustain pedal input included.
  • MIDI output.
  • Octave and transpose buttons available.
  • Modulation and pitch bend wheels included.
  • iPad slot is integrated in the instrument.


  • The keyboard offers a wide range of keys.
  • 61 keys are semi weighted and velocity sensitive.
  • MIDI output music that can be recorded.
  • USB connections allow easy plug and play features.
  • Octave and transpose buttons allow easy tweaking of the music.
  • Modulation and pitch bend wheels are easy to use.
  • Volume slider and data encoder present.


  • Instrument sound library is basic.
  • Advanced controls not found.


With the above features this product is a great accessory for those who are music enthusiasts as well as for professional users. This instrument makes it easy for professionals to compose music as well as for novices to learn music composition.

The different features make it easy for anyone to figure out the usage of this instrument. The controller is lightweight and compact and it is easy to carry around. Whether you are planning to use the product at home, in the studio or on stage, it is easy to take with you.


Before you decide to invest in this product, you might want to consider similar products offered by other brands to compare the designs and features between products and brands. It is best that you check and compare factors like features, price and availability or manufacturer terms before you make the final purchase decision.

Akai professional advance 49 instruments are one of the products that you could compare with the Samson product.

Akai is known to be a reputed brand in the musical instrument segment. This particular product has several unique features to consider. Even though the keyboard comes with 49 keys there are unique accessories like an LCD screen and a comprehensive library of 10k sounds included in the keyboard software. There are interface buttons for the full color screen that is 4.3 inches in dimension.

The virtual instrument software allows instrument sounds to be controlled and patches created with different music samples. The keyboard includes keys that are premium and semi weighted. The control knobs and variable and allow endless changes to be made.

The other product in the market that can be considered similar is Novation Launchkey. It is a keyboard controller that includes RGB pads that are velocity sensitive. There are comeight knobs as well as separate buttons for control and navigation. It synchronizes with software like Ableton Live Lite, V Station and Novation Bass Station.

The above products are differently priced and have varying complex features for use. All three are designed for professional use. You might want to consider your personal requirements before you make a choice.


For those who are looking for a versatile instrument will do well to consider the Samson Carbon 61 USB MIDI Controller. It is a lightweight and has a handsome keyboard design that is beneficial for novice as well as professional users.

If you look at the other products, they include several advanced features that make them suitable for professional music composition alone. This product focuses on offering a wide keypad base of 61 keys. This makes it ideal for those who are learning to play.

Even for those who are experimenting with a keyboard will find it ideal for use. You will find that most customers have rated it favorably and given positive recommendations for the same.

With a dependable manufacturer, you cannot go wrong by ordering this product. You can find good deals to save on the purchase and you will find a hassle-free return and exchange policies as well. It will surely be a good investment for your music career.