MIDI Keyboard Under $50

When it comes to buying musical equipment, budget is a big issue for most people. You shouldn’t be affected by your budget. There are so many, great quality MIDI keyboards that you can buy. Let’s take a look at a couple of recommendations.

The good thing about MIDI keyboards is that they are compact and you will be able to carry them around with a lot ease. As we all know, we have so many of the producers and musicians that MIDI keyboards are useful for. If you are after more sophisticated keyboards, then I would suggest you to look for the premium options.


The ArturiaMiniLab is one of the most popular MIDI keyboards in the business today. It has impressive control, stylish appeal and powerful software attached to it.

As far as this version is concerned, you get 25 velocity-sensitive mini-keys. You have 2 touch sensitive panels on the side. You will be able to adjust the modulation and pitch with the help of ArturiaMiniLab. As you can see, it is available for an affordable price.

  • It comes with many extra controls, including 8 backlit performance pads and 16 encoder knobs.
  • As a result, you get value for the money you have invested.
  • Another thing great about this is that it brings the combination of Analog Laboratory Software and MiniLab.
  • As far as this software synthesizer is concerned, it comes with over 5000 classic synth sounds.
  • As for the samples, you can refer the vintage analogue synth recreations, which are really popular.
  • The stylish exterior is something which you will appreciate immediately. It works well in both home studios or on stage.
  • If you prefer value for money, substance and style are very important for you, then you should purchase this. You can check the latest reviews on Amazon.com.

Akai Professional MPK Mini MK2

This is one of the most portable and versatile MIDI keyboards in this price range. It is a full featured mini MIDI keyboard as in the case of the original. It has the same number of pads, buttons and knobs.

However, it has a nicer looking and intuitive layout. It has the knobs and backlit pads placed in just the right spot. And the versatility offered by this version is commendable. However, portability is one of the stand-out features of this version.

It offers reliability, response and playability all thanks to the 25 velocity-sensitive keys. In that way, you can compare it to some of the expensive keyboard controllers. If you take a look at the user reviews, you will agree to that fact.

As far as the first version is concerned, there were complaints about the lack of pitch wheels and mod. But they have tried to find a solution for this in the second version. The second version comes with a mod joystick and nifty pitch.

As far as complaints are concerned, you only have to worry about the mini-size keys. If you are going to prioritize the portability, this must be expected.

Novation Launchkey Mini MK2

As far as novation is concerned, they are known for prioritizing mobility and compatibility. That is the case even in their portable keyboards.

It comes with a multipurpose DAW controller. It also has a mini-keyboard. They believe in their design philosophy and strictly follow it. It produces excellent electronic music. It has control buttons, dedicated navigation, 8 knobs and 16 velocity-sensitive multi-color pads. With its compact profile, it comes with so many features.

However, the velocity sensitive keys are not compromised at all. Users generally agree that they provide excellent response. Even though they are smaller, the spacing has been done correctly. What makes it more attractive is the fact that it has multi-color pads. You will be impressed with the keyboard section, and appreciate the reliability and premium feel.

We have seen a number of MIDI keyboards. As you can see, even though cheap, most of these keyboards provide many features that you would appreciate. I would recommend you to explore more such MIDI keyboards under 50. These keyboards have the ability to redefine the way you produce music.

Also, the music scene has changed a lot and these have been gaining a lot of popularity. With a little bit of research, you will be able to find the one you have been looking for. We wish you good luck with that.