Behringer U-Control UMX610 Review

This versatile keyboard not only comes with an attractive design, but also combines the music of around hundred different virtual instruments. It comes inclusive of 50 VST effects which offer unlimited possibilities in music creation.

The keyboard combines 61 keys of high quality and full size. There are features like versatile programming and velocity sensitive keys which allow one ease of play as well as the composition.


  • Keyboard features 61 keys of full size and high quality.
  • The sound of 100 virtual instruments included in keyboard.
  • 50 effects of VST included.
  • Plug and play software included for easy synchronization with Mac or PC.
  • Audio and USB interface allows any kind of music file to be played or recorded.
  • Behringer energyXT2.5 edition of music software included.
  • A sound library of 300 MB included.
  • Acoustic instruments, drums and synths of different categories included.


  • The keyboard features 61 keys that are velocity sensitive.
  • Sounds of hundred virtual instruments included.
  • VST effects about 50 in number, included.
  • Recording and playback of different music files are easy to do.
  • Plug and play software allows easy synchronization with any PC or Mac.


  • The keyboard is for professional use only.
  • Not recommended for those looking for portable music instruments.
  • Beginners or novice users will find the instrument difficult to use.


Behringer U-Control UMX610 is ideal for professional use. It comes with recorded sounds of one hundred virtual instruments. There are multiple VST effects and other tools for creating unique sounds.

The audio interface offers an intuitive platform for any professional user for playback as well as recording any music file. Playability as well as versatility in programming is unparalleled. There is no driver software required for synchronizing Mac or PC with the keyboard. There is a built in sound library as well as a built in audio and MIDI sequencer in this instrument.


Before you decide to invest in this product, why not look at similar products in the market? When you are looking to purchase a professional keyboard, it will surely be an investment, and wise to see what’s on the market.

It will help you find the right price as well as compare the features of similar products. Once you have found and compared similar products you will be able to make up your mind and make an informed decision.

One such product is The One light keyboard of 61 keys which is a portable keyboard piano design. This product comes with 61 keys that light up when playing. You will have access to 128 unique sounds of virtual instruments.

The music can be recorded in MIDI output, which is a handy feature of this product. You could also plug and play with a tablet, computer or a mobile phone. That makes this keyboard definitely a unique instrument to consider.

The other product featuring a similar instrument design is that of Novation Launchkey which also comes with 61 keys. It is a keyboard controller and is well known for those using Ableton Live feature.

This MK2 version is quite popular among professional players. With a velocity sensitive pad and eight knobs, control and navigation buttons, you will surely love the features this instrument offers.

Among the three products compared above, you will find the Novation product to be more feature rich, but it comes at a higher price as well. The One is a more comparable product that might offer pros and cons against the product offered by Behringer.


For those looking for a handsome keyboard, the Behringer U keyboard will definitely fit the bill. It is not without the right features as well as the 61 key rich board offers limitless possibilities.

You will find several music samples and a comprehensive library of unique sounds to play around with. After comparing with similar products in the market, you can decide as to which one would suffice your need.

In general, the products are similar and it will be up to the music composer or professional as to which keyboard they might want to consider Behringer U-Control UMX610 in particular offers all the key features for professional level music composition. There are dependable terms from the manufacturer to avail of as well.

You can find a great deal and free shipping terms with the purchase of this product.