Alesis V49 USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller Review

This keyboard instrument comes with a drum pad controller. The product is a 49 key design that has USB connectivity. It allows MIDI music to be composed and played easily. This product is designed for professional use.

Music producers can use it as a building block for music creation. There are several virtual instrument music facilities as well as plug-ins for control and for introducing variations.


The instrument comes with the following features:

  • 49 full size Square front keys,
  • Sensitivity of keys can be adjusted.
  • 4 knobs that can easily assigned.
  • 4 buttons that can be assigned to different functions.
  • Wheels for adjusting Pitch and Mod.
  • Input through a sustain pedal.
  • USB power connection.


  • 49 key design.
  • USB connection available.
  • The keys are of full size and sensitive to touch.
  • Sensitivity of keys is adjustable.
  • Knobs and buttons are designed to be easily assigned.
  • Pitch and modulation can be adjusted by wheels.
  • The keyboard has a distinct drum pad controller section.


  • The keyboard offers a MIDI music composition platform.
  • Those who are looking for more advanced music composition tools might find certain limitations with this instrument.
  • It is not for beginner use.
  • Basic knowledge and music lessons are necessary for using this keyboard.


Alesis V49 USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller can be described as a MIDI controller that is intuitive,powerful, and acts as a wonderful tool for music composition. With Octave control buttons and 49 keys of full size and sensitive to velocity, the keyboard allows the melodic range to vary and play along melodies, chords and bass lines.


This product is definitely worth your consideration, especially if you are into composing music. However, in order to make the right decision, it would be right to look at similar products in the market.

For your convenience, two similar products of competitor brands are reviewed here. It can be well worth your time to learn about the difference in these brands so you can purchase the product that is right for you.

The first alternate product is Novation Launchkey, the 49 note MK2 version. This is a Novation keyboard controller that comes with 49 full size keys that are velocity sensitive. There are RGB pads of similar property and it comes with 8 knobs as well as different control and navigation buttons.

The keyboard has plug and play features and a Novation bass station, V station and Ableton Live Lite features that include virtual instruments and Loopmaster samples worth 4GB in capacity.

The other product to consider is the Akai professional avance 49 keyboard instrument. It comes with certain unique features such as a full color LCD screen and about 10k unique sounds.

It has interface buttons that are easy to use along with real time feed that comes onto the full color screen of 4.3 inches. The screen offers high resolution full color. There is a virtual player software that allows instrument management as well as patch creation and control management. There are eight knobs and 49 keys that are of high sensitivity.

The three products do vary in the features they offer though basic features remain the same. All three have 49 keys, control buttons and knobs and easy plug and play features. You will find the three instruments varying in price.

The Alesis V49 is priced at $129 while the other products are higher priced. Novation prices the above mentioned product at $199 while the Akai product is valued at $499. This definitely signifies the different levels of sophistication offered in the instruments for music composition at a professional level.


For those of you who have just embarked into the world of professional music composition, youwill do well to consider the product from Alesis. The manufacturer offers reliable product guarantee terms. There is free shipping to avail of as well as deals that reduce the price when you opt for a pre owned or unboxed item.

You also receive  trial piano lessons offered online when you opt for this product. Hence, music enthusiasts who are looking to enhance their music composition skills will do well to invest in Alesis V49 USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller. It has all the basic features required for music composition and comes at a reasonable price as well that makes it a great purchase.