Akai Professional MPK49 Review

This is no ordinary keyboard, but a professional music composition and accompaniment tool. It is designed for professional level music composition as well as for on stage performances.

It is a controller of the USB/MIDI category which has keyboard that comes with after touch capabilities. There are MPC drum pads as well as other kinds of pads accessible by Pad Banks. The swing and repeat functions help to compose different genres of music.


  • The keyboard has a 49 key design.
  • It consists of 12 pads, 8 faders and 8 knob buttons.
  • The audio workstation is software based with sequencers built in.
  • 12 MPC pad enabled percussion programming.
  • 3 controller banks for each of 8 full size sliders.
  • Transport controls for MIDI.
  • USB connection for PC and Mac.
  • Plug and play options for software like Ableton, Digital Performer, Studio One, Reaper, Logic, Cubase and others.


  • Music composition at professional levels is easily achieved.
  • On stage performances are easily achieved with this versatile professional keyboard.
  • MPC pads with a 49 key keyboard make it a complete professional music composition tool.
  • Plug and play connection with computer makes it easy to use with different music composition software.


  • The keyboard is designed for professional use.
  • Not ideal for beginners learning music composition.
  • Not a portable instrument to carry around.


The Akai Professional MPK49 is a performance controller instrument which can be a complete tool for music composition inside a studio or at an onstage performance. It is a MIDI/USB controller which comes with 49 keys. Part of a semi weighted keyboard, it offers 12 MPC drum pads.

A total of 48 pads can be accessed through 4 pad banks. With Swing and MPC Note Repeat functions hip hop music can be created with ease on this instrument.


Before you decide, it is best that you look at similar products in the market. There are several other brands which offer similar instruments, and it is best that you compare the prices of these products as well as their features before you decide to make a purchase.

M Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32 is one such product that has similar features. It is a keyboard that features 32 keys of the MIDI USB mode. It also has a drum pad controller that has eight pads or knobs. Being a reasonably priced product at $99 you will find it to have several handy features.

The pad controller and keyboard are powered by the Ignite music software. The plug and play operation makes it easy to use with several digital audio workstations. The keys are velocity sensitive, 32 in number.

There are eight pads which are velocity sensitive and come with eight knobs for controlling FX or panning. There are pitch and modulation buttons as well as transport controls.

The other product one could consider would be Alesis VI61. This is a more advanced keyboard that comes with 61 keys. There are several advanced features in this product such as a MIDI keyboard controller along with 61 keys that are semi weighted and sensitive to pressure and velocity.

There are 48 buttons as well as 16 knobs for controlling the workstation and using the different instrument sounds and plug-ins. This is a more premier product and is ideal for those who are looking to take their music composition skills to the next level. It is also priced higher than the other two products.


For those who are looking to purchase a dependable music composition, instrument, Akai Professional MPK49 would definitely be a good purchase decision.

Reasonably priced, it comes with a 49 key design, features like MIDI sound controller and virtual instrument, sounds that make it a great instrument to start off with when you are starting off with music composition. There are more advanced keyboard instruments to invest in but you might want to start off with this product from Akai.

With dependable guarantee terms, you can rest assured that your purchase will serve you well. The manufacturer is known for the different products they offer in the music technology regime which are of good quality and durable as well.

When you purchase the product from a reliable platform like Amazon you are assured for free return and exchange in the case that any defects that are found.